Virtual Network For Stores

Increase footfall

Bring more traffic to your store by running innovative promotions tailored to the customer segment your store is serving to                                                                                  

Access insights to boost business

Get trends and insights into sales to now about the health of your business                                                                                       

Bring your business online

Get access to features like loyalty program, inventory management, cataloguing, replenishment/ordering systems and payment options

We are inviting all retailers to be part of our network of connected retail. Our partner stores get access to cutting edge technology and are able to run shopper loyalty programs, asset tracking, activations and customized promotions at their store and numerous other programs which allows store owners to manage their business like never before.


B2B Commerce

Distribution Network

Automated/Assisted replenishment

Launch management

Real-time product activation

Cash n Carry

Automated ordering

Real-time price updates

Trade activations and promotions

Independent Suppliers

Software agnostic integration

Large store universe access

Advanced usage analytics

We are bringing all stakeholders of Indian retail on a single unified platform to bring in efficiency and speed making the distribution network truly agile.



Accurate projections

SAH/ VWD impact


Intelligently activate shoppers at store

Increase market share

Improve brand loyalty


Finance & Planning

Improve ROMI

Better controls

Supply Chain


Production planning

Distribution planning

We aggregate real-time data from our partner stores and provide insights to the currently data dark Indian general trade. These insights help CPG companies analyze, simulate and respond in the market instantaneously, as compared to the current industry norm of 45 days.

Consumer Connect

Brand Awareness

Accurate projections

Increased reach

SAH/ VWD impact 

Campaign RoMI

Activations at store

Improve brand loyalty

Analyse impact of competitor action 

Consumer Targeting

Improve uplift

Manage NMSM goods



We help CPG companies to connect with shoppers and know precisely about the changes in trends and shopper behaviour at the store by providing direct connect with fragmented and distributed retail.

Financial Services

SME Lending

Store Risk assessment

Real-time business tracking

Early warning signs

Account management

Consumer access

Integrated Payments Solution

Built in connectivity

Billing system integrated

Multi-payment acceptance

IoT hosted application

By being a single point of technology provider, we help our partner stores with access to numerous offerings from the financial services to take care of their business needs.

Consumer Goods


Market mix & RoMI modelling

Competition tracking

Product Gap analysis

Price elasticity & prosperity index

Consumption analysis


Trade spends monitoring

Channel payout & incentive tracking

Behavioural analysis & risk mitigation


Product launch & expansion

Automated/Assisted replenishment

Sales personnel tracking


Real-time competition response

In-store digital activation

RoMI & impact analysis

We help CPG companies mimic the strategies used by the online players to bring in the efficiencies and improve product and pricing. Connected retail can provide them with instant feedback on product and promotion performance and can also enable them with micro-targeting. Inventory management, production planning and distribution strategies can be sharpened and made agile as data would be available instantly

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