B2B Commerce

  • Product launch

  • Price elasticity

  • Pricing

  • Out of stock

  • Inventory

  • Sales velocity

  • Fulfilment

Distribution Network

Automated/Assisted replenishment

Launch management

Real-time product activation

Cash n Carry

Automated ordering

Real-time price updates

Trade activations and promotions

Independent Suppliers

Software agnostic integration

Large store universe access

Advanced usage analytics

Sfaira ordering platform brings in intelligence, automation and agility and disrupts the way stores manage their inventory. Our partner stores are able to reach distribution networks, cash n carry networks and independent suppliers through our platform and get the best deals. The platform eases the ordering process and suggests store owner the recommended orders basis offtake that too in real-time. Thus, store owners address the issues like non moving slow moving goods, inventory planning and fulfilment without having to invest on technology.